elozable asked:

I think of your style as being whimsical, cheery, soft, and welcoming. Not that you aren't capable of doing art that is the opposite of those things, but still, those are the words that come to mind when I think of your art. I like it lots.


aw girl thank you so much <3
i spent so many years worrying about developing a ‘style’ but it changes so often?? i dunno. 

the @whysowhite cd asks you to colour it. so i did.

i was supposed to be learning in class today. i did this instead.

anybody who makes a comment about ink poisoning gets unfollowed/unfriended


lliiars asked:

Did you ever work directly with Jukebox? Cuz those watercolors could definitely be posters for them, I would think. The shirts had me curious if you did it for them as well


unfortunately no, i’ve never worked directly with them. i could only dream of them asking me for design work. ~u~

jackrabbitsmom replied to your photo: “IT ME drawing final in pastels”:
This is GORgeous! I admire anyone with the tenacity to make anything look this amazing using pastels…mine always look like something a cat would hurk up!

oh aw thank you!
i’d never used pastels before the two projects in this class (this being my second)—here’s what i learned, if anybody’s interested:

my spring break so far has been stress dreams and pokémon. how’s yours going?