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Please draw more Otters!

dude i will be drawing SO MANY MORE OTTERS you have no idea. i love otters. they’re like puppies with a mean side. i am otter

(i’ll be drawing a lot more in general when school lets out, and maybe i’ll do some otter animations? hopefully. remind me to do that.)

Oct 19 2014 • 11 notes


Nose, Windpipe, Neck, Hips?

nose - what is your favourite perfume/candle fragrance?
sounds lame but i love vanilla. it smells like warmth and baked goods. like warm baked goods. mmmm

windpipe - do you sing?
more than i should. i’m not super great at it haha but i sing all the time

hips - do you like to dance?
only if i’m by myself or if a video game is showing me the moves c;

chest - are your maternal/parental instincts strong?
like…i look out for my friends and everything, but i’m awful with children. they’re like people but more honest and i can’t deal with that

Oct 14 2014 • 2 notes


eyes, neck, feet?

neck - do you wear necklaces?
yeah sometimes! not super often tho bc i’m really bad at knowing how to accessorise 

Oct 13 2014 • 1 note


Eyes, wrists, feet :)

wrists - have you ever broken a bone?
in preschool i fell off a giant cardboard tube and broke my right arm and now apparently i play the cello weird
fun fact

Oct 13 2014 • 3 notes



cheeks - do you blush easily?
i’m not 100% sure haha. like i can feel my face get hot (usually when i have to speak in front of groups of people) but idk if it actually turns pink

Oct 13 2014 • 2 notes


fingers feet + eyes ??

fingers - do you play an instrument?
i play the guitar and the piano but i’m not super great at either haha

feet - favourite pair of shoes?
these cute little laced-up suede flats i got for $12 B)

eyes - what is your favourite show to watch?
pushing daisies and/or parks and rec
(though i’m watching modern family rn)

Oct 13 2014 • 2 notes


Can you make catci stickers? :o

ooh would people want cacti stickers?

actually i should make more stickers anyway what are you guys into

maybe i should do a poll or something


holy shit this said catci the whole time i’m so sorry
YES i’m making catci stickers my apologies

Oct 7 2014 • 7 notes