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ANIM 202: new section for people who don’t like mornings

hello, scad students!
are you a night owl? do you not like waking up in the morning? are 11 am classes too early for you?
there’s a new section of ANIM 202! it’s a 5pm TR class taught by webber. so if you’re in the 11 am class and you’re thinking of switching…maybe you should do that. ;)

and if you do please let me know because it would make my life 147% easier if i could get into that 11am class instead

thank you

Aug 29 2014 • 8 notes

hey hey SCAD students:
if anybody in the 11am section of ANIM 202 isn’t really feeling getting up that early, they just opened a section for 5pm TR. (and if you switch it’d be super cool if you let me know)

Aug 29 2014 • 5 notes